Racing Universal Primer Filler

The Racing universal primer ensures solid lacquer preparation, by priming all objects made of wood, metal, stone, and glass. The product creates a smooth base and good adhesion for the following top coat.



  • Universal primer filler for metal, ceramics, stone, clay, glass, paper and some plastics

Product benefits:

  • Ensures a smooth base
  • Even top coat
  • Good adhesion
  • High filling capacity
  • Very easy running
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to sand down
  • Free of heavy metals: no lead, cadmium, chrome

Binding agent base:

  • Nitro combination paints

Spray coating:

  • For 2 cross-coats: 50-60 μm

Drying times:

  • Dust dry: after approx. 20 min.
  • Dry hard: after 12 hours

Can be painted over:

  • With itself: at any time
  • With all Racing paints: at any time

Paint structure:

1. Anti-corrosion primer
2. Racing universal primer
3. Racing wheel spray

Article – NO
288 001 grey ( 400 ml )
Note: do not spray on surfaces coated with synthetic resins as the paint may lift.
CAUTION! Clean the valve after use. Turn the container upside down and spray for about 5 seconds until the valve is empty.