Polishing sponges are used for polishing and sanding varnish coats of various types. An impressive polishing effect is achieved by the high quality of material the sponge is made of. The foam structure allows keeping water inside, which accelerates the absorption of heat from the polished surface. Depending on the operation being performed, it is possible to select a sponge of an appropriate hardness (hard, medium and very soft). Polishing sponges can be used together with pneumatic or electric driven polishing machines. They enable both dry andwet sanding within the speed range of 600 to 2000 rpm at most without loading.

Available with three types of threads: M14, M16 and with a sticker.

With a sticker
39801 A – white with a sticker 1 pc.
39811 B – pink with a sticker 1 pc.
39821 C – black with a sticker 1 pc.
39800 A – white M14 1 pc.
39810 B – pink M14 1 pc.
39820 C – black M14 1 pc.