Auto-K 2-coat clear lacquer

Auto-K 2-coat clear lacquer is especially complementary to the 2 layer basecoats from the Auto-K Spray-Set product range.


  • To increase the shine and weather-resistance, the top coat layers can be coated over with clear lacquer.

Product benefits:

  • Fast drying
  • Shiny
  • Very economic
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Free  of heavy metals: no lead, cadmium, chrome

Binding agent base:

  • Acrylic  resin

Spray coating:

  • For 2 cross-coats: 30-40 μm

Drying times:

  • Dust dry: after 10-15 min.
  • Fast to handling: after 30-45 min.

Can be painted over:

  • Dust dry: after 5 – 10 min.
  • Fast to handling: after 30 – 40 min.
  • Dry hard: after 24 hours

Can be painted over:

  • With itself: at any time

Paint structure metal/sheet metal:

  • 1. Auto-K anti-corrosion primer
  • 2. Top coat


233 066 transparent (400 ml).
CAUTION! Clean the valve after use. Turn the container upside down and spray for about 5 seconds until the valve is empty.